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Woven keder ends will always loose the battle against metal grooves. Cap your keder ends with Coverfeed® and end it once and for all...
The keder end is the weakest part
Keders fed into grooves, will eventually experience an unavoidable chafe and tear, ultimately resulting in breakdowns, causing usage delays, frustrations and money.

The Coverfeed® models offer:

• Complete protection, eliminating repairs
• No Chemicals or glue/ adhesives needed
• Retrofit and repair on the spot in 2 minutes
• Very durable, hence reliable
• Easy and smooth handling
• Build-in hole for fixtures. No extra webbing, stitching and hinges needed
Decades of debacle over
The Coverfeed® models put an end to this problem once and for all, by capping the end of the tents corner, adding protection, strength and reliability to a fragile part of a tent.

The unique and patented design represent a solution, to what has been a continous weakness of tents, marquees and awnings being fastened in grooves ever since the beginning.

Some manufacturers may deny the problem exists, but ask any tent owner about the repair budget on this issue and reality is that a lot of companies have to stock pile extra 'sheets' to keep up reliability.

Now, that debacle is finally over...
Coverfeed® means quality and reliability
Displaying a Coverfeed® on your tent, marquee and awning sends a message to clients and surroundings, that you apply ‘state-of-the-art’ protection, emphasizing quality, design and durability.

It’s smart, easy and keep the function in perfect order. And for retrofitting and repairs; It can be done on the spot in minutes.

You simply raise the quality standard of your tents, tarpaulins, marquees and awnings - visible to your market, users and surroundings. You get the credit and the comfort of running a tight and sound business.
How much time and money did you spend last year repairing keders?
Try out with a 4-pack repair kit
The only way to experience the true reality of all our appraisals are giving it a try, "where the rubber meets the road" and that is trying out on your own. Get your 4-pack now >

What's there to lose? Either you keep repairing by sticking to yesterdays expensive solutions or you may experience a leap in keeping away frustrations and costs by trying out with a repair kit.

For Manufacturers and larger quantities, please contact us  for quotes or direct orders, since these will not be handled from the online shop.

Don't leave home without the repair kit
Your tent is off for another job and when unpacking at the site, you discover a keder is chafed up. No worries; get your repair kit from the toolbox and fix it within minutes.

One of many great things with the Coverfeeds® are that they do not need chemicals, glue, heat or any special tools to be fitted or even retrofitted on site. Just a screwdriver, cutter, drill will make it for you.
We know a litttle about chafe, tear and wear when getting in the groove
Other industries also battle the debacle
We have specialized ourselves in protecting textiles getting in grooves and we also have a productline called Foilfeed®, that essentially does the same as Coverfeed® - protect woven textiles continuously being inserted in grooves!

Yacht sails have the exact same problem, only more expensive consequences, more stressful handling environments and loads exceeding anything a tent will ever experience. In yachting it is called luff tapes and bolt ropes - synonymisly with keder.