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Coverfeed® is made by Siriuz

Our mission: We aim to make moulded plastic products that fundamentally change habits, usage and behaviour, whether for people, businesses or whole communities.

Fine words, but Coverfeed® is a witness to our mission. This product can make profound changes in the tent, awning and marquee industry and it's clients in a subtle, but fundamental way, making it impossible to adapt to yesterdays solutions.

Siriuz' mindset is based on design, innovation and thinking ‘out of the box’ Every initiative taken by Siriuz is based on a problem/ solution foundation, meaning that we have to solve a problem - fundamentally, smarter or even inventive by novelty approach - before going to the next phases: Market research, design, manufacturing, sales and distribution. We collaborate with various consultants, engineers and manufacturers in order to secure the state-of-the-art solutions at whatever part of the process.

Siriuz is an danish based company and market products worldwide i.e. Foilfeed®, a protector of luff tapes going in grooves for yacht sails.
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